36 Volt Series Trolling Motor Connection Kit with On-board Charging (CE36VBCHK)

$ 120.00

This easy to use 36V series quick connect/disconnect system keeps serious fishing enthusiasts on the water longer.

The perfect 36V series connection with multi-battery for onboard charging leads are the perfect connection for the best performance from high output trolling motors. Keep spare batteries on board with our additional 12V easy battery connections for quick battery replacement in seconds for extra long days, weekends or tournaments out on the water. For those who want to a trouble free way to maintain and replace trolling motor batteries with on-board charging systems.

Everything stays perfectly connected! Protect your expensive equipment.

Easily replace batteries in tight compartments without the hassle of dropping nuts, connections or tools in the bottom of the boat. This easy to use product allows batteries to be removed in seconds and 36V series systems to be hooked up with in a snap, easily and correctly every time.

Once our products are installed, no tools are needed for the removal, replacement or storage of expensive marine batteries. Using the Connect-Ease series of products allows connecting any 12V marine battery with any equipment or device at any time, any place, easily and quickly, by simply snapping the connectors together.

  • UL1426 Tinned Marine Grade Wire - One year Warranty – Salt Water Approved
  • Made In the USA   Patent Pending  

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