24V Trolling Motor Systems

24V Trolling Motor Systems


    Complete your boat installation with our Game changing 24V Series Trolling
    Motor systems with and without On board Charging leads which makes rigging and battery removal foolproof. Our TROLL EASE Fully integrates your onboard charger through pre-wired connections on the TROLL EASE and system.  Our ProSystems feature 6 gauge wire with 60 Amp Circuit breakers and ground block included.

    The Heavy duty Systems feature 6 gauge wire without the Onboard charging pre wired connections and are built for hardcore users and extreme conditions.

    Our "Ignite" 24 handle 24V Lithium single case batteries with ease.

    The Double Time 24 System Parallels 2 24V batteries with pre wired connection for Lithium 24V chargers. 

    Recommended by tournament pros and fishing guides as “reliable,
    foolproof, and easy to install.”