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Connect Ease Wiring Kits are crafted from premium, high-conductivity materials, guaranteeing superior performance and long-lasting durability for all your wiring needs.

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Designed with a plug-and-play approach, Connect Ease Wiring Kits simplify installation, making it a breeze.

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Engineered to the highest safety standards, Connect Ease Wiring Kits provide reliable and secure electrical connections, ensuring a safe operation in all conditions.


The Connect Ease Wiring Kits come with a five-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, covering defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.


Graph Power 19-22foot Console boats - Connect-Ease. Connect all your marine equipment with ease.

GRAPH POWER "Pro" 19-22 foot Console boats Lithium Compatible

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Newly Designed for powering todays Locators Graph, and networking, 16ft of 8 gauge sheathed marine grade wire with 4  fused connections for your Console

13ft of 8 gauge sheathed marine grade wire  for your front deck (bow)equipment 4 fused connections

This kit provides protection and limits RF interference,  to power  for your graphs, pucks, GPS and NEMA boxes directly from your battery for the best performance and to meet Manufacturers recommendations. 

30 Amp fused at the battery and your choice of 3 or 5 amp at the fused connections. 

We ude the best in Marine grade connections, heat shrinkable crimped connections are waterproof, vibration  and interference.

Our Pro Fisherman and guides have experienced  that to  get the best performance from your electronics use this product to connect them directly to a lithium battery.

Lithium Compatible



The Connect-Ease product line was developed due to the constant frustrations we had due to a lack of high-quality connections for trolling motors, fishing/marine electronics, and simple battery connections for deep cycle batteries in our boats,kayaks, ice fishing houses, RVs, ATVs, ATVs, jet-skis, golf carts, sump pumps, deer feeders, trap machines, and just about anything else that needed a quick, easy, corrosion-free connection for outdoor use. Our product line also offers solutions for home backup power, solar, and agricultural applications



Connect-Ease products offer an innovative and practical solution for seamless, corrosion-free, easy-to-use connections of electronics and batteries in a wide range of outdoor and marine environments. Built on the principles of simplicity and reliability, they eliminate the hassle of dealing with ring-style and other traditional terminal connections, saving you time and energy. With Connect-Ease, you can focus more on your outdoor activities and less on equipment maintenance, making our products the perfect ally for those who value their time in the great outdoors.

Don't take our word for it


Greatest thing since sliced bread.

John F.

On (CE12VBTK) 12 Volt Single 10 Gauge Connection Kit with Heat Shrink Lithium Compatible


Awesome plug and play took all the work out of rigging and making sure it was correct very great product.

Michael A.

On 24 Volt Trolling Motor Connection 5' Extension for Separated Battery Compartments (RCE24VB5CHK) Lithium Compatible


Perfect!Amazingly simple to use. They are safe, secure, and make running batteries in parallel even easier than ever.

Dennis R.

On 12 Volt Parallel Battery Connection Kit (RCE12VBPK) Lithium Compatible


This is the fastest and easiest way to connect and swap batteries. I have two boats and this allows me to swap the trolling motors with no difficulty. I can also bring the trolling motors inside for charging during the cold duck season.

Brian W.

On 12 Volt Single 8-Gauge Trolling Motor Connector - (RCE12VB8) - 8 gauge quick connect Lithium Compatible


Well made product shipping was quick and convenient would highly recommend their products and would definitely order from them again

Jimmy B.

On 24 Volt Trolling Motor Connection Kit (with out On-Board Charging) (RCE24VBK) Lithium Compatible



Yes, ContactCustomercare@connect-easellc.comor Tech support at 952548-1290 

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  • Retailers: Bass Pro, Cabelas, Dakota Lithium, Scheels Sports, Amped OutDoors

Compatible with all Deep Cycle Lead Acid, AGM, Lithium  Battery's

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  • 8 Gauge Marine grade wire standard.
  • 6 Gauge in Pro Series, HD, Camp/RV,  Simple Start Systems.

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