Multi (5) Accessory Connection Kit (CE12VB5K)

$ 39.95

With more and more electronics being used in boating, this product allows up to five electronics or accessories to be connected to a single battery easily and correctly every time.

Connect any marine equipment including Depth Finders, GPS Units, Radios, Lights, Pumps, Aerators and more to one of the 14 AWG leads (10 AMP draw) to allow multiple electronics to be quickly and easily connected and disconnected to a battery. Remove expensive batteries for charging, storage, replacement or theft protection in seconds.

Once our products are installed, no tools are needed for the removal, replacement or storage of expensive marine batteries. Using the Connect-Ease series of products allows connecting any 12V marine battery with any equipment or device at any time, any place, easily and quickly, by simply snapping the connectors together.

  • UL1426 Tinned Marine Grade Wire - One year Warranty – Salt Water Approved
  • 5- 14 AWG - 5” Leads
  • 1 - 6 AWG - Easy 12V Battery Connector
  • 120 AMP Rating
  • Made In the USA   Patent Pending  

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