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      Trap and sporting Clays Machine

      Theses are the products which fit a variety of Trap and sporting clays machines and batteries, Promatic, auto-sporters, MEC's, Lawry, Atlas, Auto Chucker, Champion, Materelli,  USA, Gear Thunder, EZ Pull, Long Range, GP Traps, Bowman, LaPorte, 

      Fits, Ranger, 100e, 200E, 300E, 400E, Rabbit. Chandelle, Battue, wobble, Defender, XP, Matrix, 90mm, 70mm, 108mm, chondel, Kestrel, Super Hawk, Merlin, Pigeon, Pilot, supermatch, Infinity, Testa Rosa, Midi, Mini, Octave, Claymate, EZ Puller,